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  • Progress report from the week 1
  • Planning for week 2 - content editing 
  • Planning for week 2 - interactions with volunteers 

Discussion items

Content updateJane Gilbert, Reuben Daniels, Zoran Milosevic
  • Jane: Not much content editing - did a lot of planning and preparation... approached many HL7 Australia volunteers
  • Reuben did initial start - in terms of structure - Zoran provided initial feedback - great start Reuben Daniels!
  • Zoran started some background and intro
  • Concern: Team would like to see how to better establish this balance between implementation guidance and decision maker needs ...if it is not sufficient technical detail, maybe we take out implementation guidance from the heading (question) ... mis-named (also suggested by Eric Browne) ...can we re-name it ? Need to discuss with Working Group Liaison Officer
  • This decision will leads to the scope and size of document: 
  • Proposal: if high-level detail, then this may be a placeholder for future work - with a view of providing further funding

 PM updateZoran Milosevic
  • Zoran informed Beck about the date of the workshop (29 and 30 August)
  • Zoran asked funding questions (of Jane and Amy) for travel raised with Beck - sent her Jane's and Amy's times broken in flights, accommodation etc 
  • we expect Rebbecca Matthews, HL7 AU Secretary response
 Content reporting - to AndyAll
  • Weekly: progress, plan for next week, concerns; 
  • Teem agreed that these will be based on the weekly meetings - as identified in the content updates and HL7 volunteering activities
  • Zoran will send this to Working Group Liaison Officer, preferably after the team meeting
 Timesheets - to BeckAll
  • purpose: track progress
  • sent on weekly basis to Rebbecca Matthews, HL7 AU Secretary with the 'time to date' figure - and high level content details
  • agreed that team will update the timesheet in GoogleDocs by COB on Thursdays
  • PM will send these times to Rebbecca on COB Thursdays
 Confluence and Google DocsAll
  • Reported major issues which we have with uploading Word docs onto GoogleDocs, in terms of creation of multiple instances of GoogleDocs documents if Word doc is still in the Google drive; this took us a lot of time but can be of value for future projects (smile)
  • Confluence will contain: minutes, project description, and will be updated with our content when ready for reviewing by broader community
  • GoogleDocs: timesheet, internal documents that will be jointly edited
  • Amy: risks ... we need to stay on top of it collaborative editing and need to manage to process on the Google Doc
  • Reuben Daniels : how to generate Word out of GoogleDocs; template from Hl7 Australia
  • Amy Mayer will contact Rebbecca Matthews, HL7 AU Secretary to get the details editorial policy (US or Australia, style ... etc) ... will
 Editing plans for next weekAll
  • each of us continue with our own areas - as per own roles in the Team Document
  • Zoran will join Rueben and Jane when they have some more material
 HL7 volunteers - status and planAll
  • Clarified the use of the names signed on the invitation letter; andy needs to be as is, but personal email by each member will contain our own signature
  • Jane: already sent letters to her contacts (to 8 candidate) - excellent work Jane Gilbert
  • Rueben: plan for his contacts (4 contacts)
  • Zoran - sent one invite and 4 more contacts
  • Zoran: check with Andy who from TSC to attend the workshop
10:50Meeting finished  

Action items