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Working groups are approved by the HL7 Australia board and submissions to create new working groups under the HL7 Australia banner should be requested through the HL7 Australia board.  To make a requests for activity please email a HL7 Australia Working Group Application form with proposed scope of activity to the Working Groups Liaison Officer

Acceptance by the board will enable the group to be formally announced to the HL7 Australia community, calling for interest in participation/co-chairs and a kick off meeting set.  The first matter of interest for the kick off meeting will be the committee appointing their co-chairs by committee vote if required.

When approved these groups are supported by HL7 Australia with:

  • HL7 Australia Confluence wiki space
  • HL7 Australia web conferencing facility
  • HL7 Australia e-mail lists
  • HL7 Australia GitHub organisation for public projects
  • HL7 Australia publishing (PDF and or web based)
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