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DPHR-HI -Issues and plans Pregnancy Management Plan HI.115a 115BSR

The group agreed that the use of CarePlan resource for this HI is the appropriate approach and is the way forward.

The group also agreed to use Consent resource in the Bundle document to hold Patient's eSignature representing agreement to the plan.

The consent resource will be added as a separate section in the document (Composition).

The consent resource will be holding the following details:

  • sourceAttachment : To hold the signature image
  • Consent.provision.type = #permit : To represent acceptance of the plan
  • = #consenter : To define the context of the Consent
  • Consent.provision.purpose = #COC "coordination of care" : Why the Consent is provided
  • Consent.provision.class = CarePlan : The consent is related to what resoruce
  • = Reference to the CarePlan instance for which the consent is given