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 10:00 AEDT

Meeting 40


Jared Davison

Andrew McIntyre

Kyle Macdonald

Anthony Cruice

Michael Legg

David McKillop

Eric Browne

Dalisay Giffard


Brief Discussions on:

Department of Health | Accreditation

NPAAC requires ongoing processes to keep up-to-date with HL7 Australia Standard.

How NPAC can be compliance measured?

Angus: NPAAC almost mandates HL7 v2 for Order messages? Discussion of potential inclusion of fhir profile in future HL7 OO STD version along with the 2.4.

"The National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council (NPAAC) is responsible for the development and maintenance of standards and guidelines for pathology laboratories. Audits against these standards and guidelines are conducted by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA). NATA audit assessment reports are considered by the Department of Human Services in determining access to the Medicare Benefits Scheme."


  1. HL7 AU OO members to review ADHA Draft National Healthcare Interoperability Plan, in preparation for next meeting discussion with view to provide feedback from HL7 AU OO.
  2. Is there value in looking at NPAAC Requirements for Information Communication and Reporting at how to test compliance?
  3. Dalisay to ask NATA as how it will validate the NPAAC requirement S4.1, C4.1(i).
    1. To be able to demonstrate compliance with NPAAC requirements, there needs to be a way to validate it.

Next Meeting

HL7 AU OO members to review ADHA Draft National Healthcare Interoperability Plan

Next meeting 30th November 10:00 AEDT.