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Definition: This field has been deprecated. This is not used. Previously requested date/time. That information is now carried in the fourth component of the OBR-27- quantity/timing.

OBR-7 OBR-7 Observation date/time (TS) 00241

Definition: This field is the clinically relevant date/time of the observation. In the case of observations taken directly from a subject, it is the actual date and time the observation was obtained. In the case of a specimen-associated study, this field shall represent the date and time the specimen was collected or obtained. (This is a results-only field except when the placer or a third party has already drawn the specimen.) This field is conditionally required. When the OBR is transmitted as part of a report message, the field must be filled in. If it is transmitted as part of a request and a sample has been sent along as part of the request, this field must be filled in because this specimen time is the physiologically relevant datetime of the observation.