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Progress - editing - all sections - Andy's feedback


  • Intended HL7 Australia standards in future
  • Amy Mayert to contact Beck re wording


  • Got good insights from Andy; some key points from him and our discussion points are below
  • Guidance as to how to move forward
  • Fundamental disconnect ... v2.6 and waiting for people to come
  • Recommended approach for Australian localisation
  • Identify what is missing ... not specify what the solution is but how it should be supported in future, pragmatic approach, more or less like risk analysis for procurement ... what the implication of move of to move to higher version (e.g. WA and BT) why did these jurisdictions go to higher versions ...maybe influenced by international voices ... disconnect between Australian and international vendors
  • This document will deal with such pragmatic issues 
  • Practical way forward ... optimise towards common approach ... maybe recommendation to work in a consistent approach
  • Context-specific story ... within hospital, across into the community
  • Guidance: what we have today, what uses are and what to invest in future ... collective wisdom
  • Which version works well where ... if it works well, no need to move to new version, if so ... why
  • HL7 Australia playing coordinating role ... reducing local decisions in the absence of the national context ... happy to coordinate additional requirements ... this is HL7 Australia responsibility ... also requires national investment
  • from NSW Health question to HL7 Australia ... created appropriate forum for discussion we decide about new standards
  • currently there is no home after IT14
  • path forward to address the gap of IT14 and describes the process for comment agreement to be led by HL7 Australia
  • Zoran - needs to do 'future common themes'
  • Conformity assurance should be mentioned ... HL7 International invest in conformity assessment, FHIR is more about capability assessment
  • document current mechanisms and approaches ... roadmap documents current agreement ... nothing new !
  • Amy sugested for Jane to include tables about use



  • Reuben described his document in brief ... there is some more info to be added
  • Jane: adoption level ... Reuben will add that information
  • Add info re PIP


  • Reuben will continue editing today


  • Zoran Milosevic needs to identify common themes from the three section
  • Recommendations



Plan for next week:

Jane Gilbert, Reuben Daniels, Zoran Milosevic to complete all their sections (Zoran to add summary after other sections)

@Amy to compile all sections in one document - on 17th - send to all volunteers in the participants reviews list ?

Zoran Milosevic to liaise with Beck and Chris re workshop


Amy Mayer to handle the Word doc based on template from Beck


  1. 16 August, COB: deadlined for the Content for all sections to be sent to Amy
  2. 17 August: Amy to transfer section content into Word, based on the Word template from Beck
  3. 18 August: Zoran Milosevic to send document to our 12 reviewers identified



HL7 Volunteers to attend the workshop

Working Group Liaison Officer: who from TSC; also any response from Stephen Moo ?


No response from Stephen Moo yet

Andy will try an alternative

Zoran: Get contact from Beck about nomination (HL7 Australia for each jurisdictions; also tell to Amy)


Publication format for the document

Options: a) like HL7 International: Document + spreadsheet; b) GoogleDoc c) Jira d) other ?


Amy's suggestion: Google Doc's spreadsheet ... what is easier for people ? Spreadsheet plus GoogleDoc spreadsheet; also in email

Amy: set expectation - in spreadsheet

We should not let people edit our document

Amy ... will send version 1.0 draft ... changes come through comments and suggestions ... all of us to review; Google Doc with back up option of external spreadsheet

 How to include contributions from the HL7 Australia volunteers in the document  Andy did not have any suggestions; so we decided to include people's contribution 'as is' and provide our own wording from wherever this is mentioned in the document

PM updates:

  1. timesheets process (reminder - notify me when week 5-11 August is ready)

2. invoicing

3. workshop (please update engagement sheet)

4. any issues ?

  1. Zoran explained new request of Beck
  2. Invoices: Jane - end of next week her timesheet; Others - end of project
  3. It seems we have 2 people asking for funding


  Travel Bookings for workshops (ask Beck) 

Zoran to check withBeck.

Amy did it her booking

11:00  Meeting adjourned

Action items