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Welcome, announcements, actionsRD
  • No meetings on the 25th December 2018, and 1st January 2019
IG ReviewSR
  • notes issue refer to AU base rather than core
  • issues with Forge make this difficult (SR)
  • NSW local requirements are being worked on (TB)
  • Agency has examples of derivation (SR)

Vital Signs Profiling

  • At birth and later measurements (height, weight, head circumference)
  • Birthweight can have multiple Observation.code.coding values such as Weight or Weight at Birth concepts included in the same instance
  • SNOMED good for Birth Weight coding
  • LOINC for Weight coding ; Optional SNOMED coding

Birth Health Interaction Composition

  • Subsections removed
  • APGAR does not have exclusions on 1,5,10 so might get multiple of same
  • Mandatory content will be explicitly profiled for the project