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Comment: Corrections to segment definition tables MSH, PV1, PV2 contributed by Anthony O'Neill.


11STR  00001Field Separator
2STR  00002Encoding Characters
3180 HDO 0361 00003Sending Application
4180HDO 036200004Sending Facility
5180HDO 036100005Receiving Application
6180HDO 036200006Receiving Facility
726TSR  00007Date/Time Of Message
840STO  00008Security
915†CM 0076 / 000300009Message Type
1036††STR  00010Message Control ID
113PTR  00011Processing ID
12250††††VIDR 010400012Version ID
1315NMO  00013Sequence Number
14180STO  00014Continuation Pointer
152IDR††† 015500015Accept Acknowledgment Type
162IDR††† 015500016Application Acknowledgment Type
173IDR†† 039900017Country Code
1816IDOY021100692Character Set
19250CER††  00693Principal Language Of Message
2020ID  035601317 Alternate Character Set Handling Scheme 
2110ID O0449 01598  Conformance Conformance Statement ID

† Australian variation to HL7 V2.4 with the length changed from 13 to 15 characters.

† Australian variation to HL7 V2.4 with the length changed from 20 to 36 characters to accommodate a globally unique identifier..

†††Australian variation to HL7 V2.4, field optionality has been changed to required.


Definition: This field has been retained for backward compatibility only.  Use the ROL-Role Segment to communicate providers not specified elsewhere. This field contains the other healthcare providers (e.g. nurse care practitioner, midwife, physician assistant). Multiple healthcare providers can be sent. Depending on local agreements, either the ID or the name may be absent from this field. Use values in User-defined Table 0010 - Physician ID for first component.


2.2.3PV23 PV2- patient visit - additional information segment


180PLC  00181Prior Pending Location
2250CEO 012900182Accommodation Code
3250CE  00183 Admit Reason
4250CEO  00184Transfer Reason
525STOY 00185Patient Valuables
625STO  00186Patient Valuables Location
72ISOY013000187Visit User Code
826TSO  00188Expected Admit Date/Time
926TSO  00189Expected Discharge Date/Time
103NMO  00711Estimated Length of Inpatient Stay
113NMO  00712Actual Length of Inpatient Stay
1250 ST   00713 Visit Description 
13250 XCN  † 00714 Referral Source Code 
14DT   00715 Previous Service Date 
15ID  0136 00716  Employment Illness Related Indicator 
16IS  0213 00717 Purge Status Code 
17DT   00718  Purge Status Date 
18IS  0214 00719 Special Program Code 
19ID  0136 00720  Retention Indicator 
20NM   00721  Expected Number of Insurance Plans 
21IS  0215  00722  Visit Publicity Code 
22 11XON ID 0136 00723  Visit Protection Indicator 
23250 IS XON  Y 00724 Clinic Organization Name 
24IS  0216 00725 Patient Status Code 
25IS  0217 00726 Visit Priority Code 
26DT   00727 Previous Treatment Date 
27IS  0112 00728  Expected Discharge Disposition 
28DT   00729 Signature on File Date
29DT  00730 First Similar Illness Date 
30250 CE 021800731 Patient Charge Adjustment Code 
31IS  0219 00732  Recurring Service Code 
32ID   0136 00733  Billing Media Code 
3326 TS   00734 Expected Surgery Date and Time 
34ID  0136 00735  Military Partnership Code 
35ID  013600736 Military Non-Availability Code 
36ID  0136   00737 Newborn Baby Indicator 
37 1ID  0136 00738Baby Detained Indicator 
38250 CE 0430 01543Mode of Arrival Code 

Y043101544Recreational Drug Use Code
043201545Admission Level of Care Code
41250CEOY043301546Precaution Code
043401547Patient Condition Code
031500759Living Will Code
031600760Organ Donor Code
45250CEOY043501548Advance Directive Code

01549Patient Status Effective Date

01550Expected LOA Return Date/Time

† Australian variation to HL7 V2.4 where the component repeatability has been removed.


  1. The pricing scale that is to be applied to the order  - sent in  PV1-21 Charge Price Indicator.
  2. The person to be billed for the tests. In most cases the patient is responsible for the payment of the request; however if the patient is a child the invoice must be sent to a parent/guardian or other responsible party and this is indicated in the GT1 segment.
  3. For billing applicable to a health fund use the IN1 segment.
  4. For the funding source refer to  PV1-20 Financial Class.