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Internal version ID valueDescription of useProfile URI for use in FHIR Provider Directory
HL7AU-OO-ORM-201701ORM Order messages based on this specification
HL7AU-OO-ORU-201701ORU messages based on this specification

ACK^R01, ACK^O01 acknowledgement messages

ACK messages where the message type is ACK and structure is a generic ACK. The trigger event may vary.
HL7AU-OO-ORR-201701Order Response messages
HL7AU-OO-ACK-READ-202001Application read acknowledgements (See 8.4 User Read Acknowledgements)
HL7AU-OO-REF-SIMPLIFIED-201706-L1Simplified Referral Level 1 REF messages (See A8.2.1.1 Referral Level 1)
HL7AU-OO-REF-SIMPLIFIED-201706*Simplified Referral Level 2 REF messages (See A8.2.1.2 Referral Level 2)
HL7AU-OO-REF-SIMPLIFIED-201706*For RRI message application acknowledgements
HL7AU-OO-OSQ-202001Query for order status. See Section 5.3.
HL7AU-OO-OSR-202001Query response for order status. See Section 5.3.