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Version: v1.00

Approval date:  19 December 2016 - voting: see Meeting December 2016 conference call minutes for details

Next revision date: December 2018 (or earlier if necessary)


The Medication Work Group supports the HL7 Australia mission by defining the requirements and contents concerning medications and related information to support interoperable information exchanges and safe medication management in processes such as prescribing/ordering, dispensening/supplying, administering/use of medications.


This group intends to produce normative standards and profiles (currently FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), and where there is demand in HL7 v2.x and HL7 CDA by:

Identifying requirements in the following and providing structured content specifications to support interoperable digital information exchanges:

  • Medication
  • Medication order
  • Medication dispense
  • Medication administration
  • Medication statement
  • Immunisation
  • Immunisation recommendation
  • Devices (e.g. compliance or administration aids)

Identifying requirements and providing specifications regarding system interactions and behaviours supporting:

  • Medication orders and dispense
  • Queries for medication information

Continuing standards and technical specifications works previously done through Standards Australia. They include localisation and improvements on:

  • HL7 v2.x standards formerly published as AS4700.3 (pharmacy) and AS4700.5 (immunisation)
  • HL7 CDA implementation guides on eTP (electronic transfer of prescription and dispense records) as Australian technical specifications (ATS)
  • Ensuring harmonization and localisation of the normative standard within the wider HL7 community

Provide feedback to HL7 International on local requirements that should be addressed in the core definitions

Support the implementation of medication suite of artifacts at HL7 Australia connectathons

Formal Relationships

Other HL7 Australia Groups

    • Technical Steering Committee (TSC)
    • Patient Administration (PA)
    • Orders & Observations (OO)

International Standards Development Organisations

    • HL7 International
      • HL7 Pharmacy Work Group
      • Patient Care Work Group
      • HL7 FHIR
    • IHE Pharmacy
    • ISO WG-6 Pharmacy





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