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(This page is under construction and contains information that is still subject to update and correction.)

This page describes the Connectathon event that will be held on Tuesday 25th July in Brisbane.

AU PD July 2017 Connectathon Sign-up Spread Sheet

Minutes from pre-event call


  • Australian Digital Health Agency Brisbane
  • Level 31, 400 George Street Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia


  • Track 1: Beginning FHIR
    • For a tutorial to work through the basics of FHIR resources and API try
    • Work on producing FHIR resources from your source data 
    • Work on FHIR API to read a resource
    • Work on FHIR API to search using URL search parameters

  • Track 2: Validating Against Profiles
    • Really basic profile check on a single resource instance
    • Validator page:
    • Copy/paste an instance on the validator page to check against AU Provider Directory Profiles
      • Instances of Organization, ProviderRole, HealthcareService, Location or Endpoint resource
      • Bundle containing one or more of these resources
    • Check the validation report outputs


  • Track 3: Basic Server Search Capability Testing
    • Touchstone Testing Tool:
    • Signup to Touchstone
    • Setup a Touchstone Test System for your service
    • Create a Touchstone Test Setup
      • Select AU PD tests (yet to be published)
      • Choose FHIR Server to check 
    • Run the Test Setup
      • Find ProviderRole by Practitioner family name
      • Find ProviderRole by Practitioner any name
      • Find ProviderRole by Provider Number
      • Find ProviderRole by Organization HPI-O and Pracitioner HPI-I
      • Find HealthcareService by name
    • Returned results will be validated against AU Provider Directory Profiles
    • Check the results 
    • This is an expanding set as content is agreed
  • Track 4: Basic Client Search

Connectathon Organization

The connectathon will be held over 1 day

It will be based on the STU3 verison of the spec at [1] 

Profiles for this event are the July publications of FHIR implementation guides

Test Servers

These are the recommended STU3 servers for this event. 

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