FHIRIG-97Semantics not clear for ETP Vendor IdentifierHighAffirmative + Suggestion

Disposition: Persuasive

Comment: This is numeric representation the identifier that is typically represented as a barcode; Identifier.system is supplied by the ETP vendor. Will clarify the short and long description re relation to barcode; and note that this refers to a specific prescription instance. We will add some real world examples.

Vote: Brett / Phil : 6-0-0

Change applied: No - needs to be drafted

Substantive: No

FHIRIG-70No approval on system urlHighNegative

Disposition: Persuasive

Comment: Brett will follow up with NCTS and PBS re content and referring to manufacturer (Phil R will send a PBS contact to Brett)

Vote: Brett / Richard : 6-0-0

Change applied: No

Substantive: maybe

FHIRIG-24Binding: PBS Medicines Item Codes (required) - please reviewHighNegative

Disposition: Withdrawn

Comment: PBS code values are not in scope for this IG; the PBS CodeSystem included indicates this is an externally defined coding. Work is happening in NCTS to supply a full set of PBS codes that we intend to bind in a future IG version.

Change applied: No

FHIRIG-52medicationCodeableConcept and medicationReference are both 1..1HighNegative

Disposition: Withdrawn

Comment: This occurs in all type slicing in FHIR the IG publication represents cardinalities in this manner; follow up on this representation as it is confusing

Change applied: No

FHIRIG-46CodeableConcept for medication-brand-nameMediumNegative
FHIRIG-43Query reference to "AU Base Patient" and "AU Base Organisation"MediumNegative
FHIRIG-62Form is a listed under Physical Product Manufacturer OrganisationMediumNegative
FHIRIG-32PBS items have a code system page, why not PBS sponsorsMediumNegative
FHIRIG-41Bodysite Location Qualifier value set incompleteMediumNegative
FHIRIG-29OID needed for pbs item codesMediumNegative
FHIRIG-42Too restrictive on bodysiteMediumNegative
FHIRIG-30OID for medication typeMediumNegative
FHIRIG-33OID for icpc-2plusMediumNegative
FHIRIG-28OID needed for gtin code systemMediumNegative
FHIRIG-27unknown target diseaseMediumNegative
FHIRIG-26problems with vs-1MediumNegative file guidance missing an element that should not be usedMediumNegative
FHIRIG-56AU Base Dispense Record to be extended to accommodate PBS dispensing requirementsMediumAffirmative + Query
FHIRIG-55MULTUM code / as terminology systemMediumAffirmative + Suggestion
FHIRIG-96AU Prescription StructureDefinition nameMediumAffirmative + Suggestion
FHIRIG-95Multiple PBS sponsorsMediumAffirmative + Suggestion
FHIRIG-60SNOMED CT Vaccine CodesMediumAffirmative + Query
FHIRIG-57AU Base Medication Statement enhancement to accommodate medication reconciliationMediumAffirmative + Suggestion
FHIRIG-58Medication Administration not in the "AU Base"MediumAffirmative + Query
FHIRIG-79Clarification requiredLowAffirmative + Query
FHIRIG-69Improve usage of brand / generic extensionsLowAffirmative + Suggestion