Version: v1.0

Approval/Adoption date: 19 December 2016 (see voting details - Meeting December 2016 conference call minutes for details)

Next revision date: December 2018 (or earlier if necessary)



This document is adapted from the DEFAULT HL7 International decision-making practices (DMP) for Health Level Seven Australia (HL7 Australia) Medication Work Group (WG). 

The HL7 Australia Medication WG will adhere to a set of decision-making practices that ensure consensus, openness, and balance of interest.

The practices as outlined in this document are designed to enable timely decision-making balanced with an earnest attempt to ensure that input from all affected parties is considered.  The decision-making practices are intended to govern the standard operating procedures of HL7 Australia WGs and Committees and  not intended to conflict with rules governing ballot procedure as defined by the HL7 Australia Charter, Governance Framework and Operations Manual (GOM).

Workgroup Meetings

Conference Calls

Face-to-Face Meetings

Medication WG will hold Face-to-Face meetings as per scheduled by HL7 Australia

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Electronic Recording of Meetings

Quorum Requirements

Decision Process

Any issue may be discussed at any time.

The presiding chair may cast a vote in only two circumstances:

No co-chair should preside over discussions or vote for which they could reasonably be perceived to have a vested interest

Decision Threshold Requirements

The WG will strive for consensus in decision-making; however, decisions of the WG are affirmed by simple majority

While decisions are affirmed by simple majority, the WG shall endeavor to make its decisions via a consensus process

Where a consensus decision is not reached the WG shall agree on a course of action to be followed in order that sufficient information to achieve consensus may be gathered

Revisiting Decisions

Revisiting previously made decisions inhibits progress and should be discouraged

However, circumstances might exist that warrant re-opening discussion on a previously resolved issue

Electronic Voting

The workgroup may decide that some matters may need to be decided by electronic voting

Electronic voting will be announced via (Note - decide on the announcement channel)

Electronic votes will be held open for a minimum period of 1 week but may be longer.  The voting period will be defined in the announcement of opening the e-vote 

Electronic votes are decided by simple majority of the affirmatives and negatives 

Proxy Participation

Will defer until such a time that proxy participation is required/important.